This Two year program starts with a design and drafting phase which takes the student through the history of 17th and 18th century furniture in England and America, and pinpoints the development of construction through the periods.

Based on these observations, the student will develop drawing techniques to show basic wood joint construction. Design and drafting of full size furniture layouts will follow.

Shop work will begin with instruction on tool use and sharpening followed by basic wood preparation and the making of simple joints. Students will design and construct a tool chest to suit their individual needs. Instruction continues with the design and making of several pieces of furniture.


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Under guidance from an instructor, each piece will be designed and a full size working drawing with material list will be generated. Wood selection, sawing and shaping of parts and assembly follow, which leads to the finishing process. The safe use of machines and their maintenance will be taught during the whole process, as well as the upkeep and safety of the workshop.

Instruction on finishing processes will be given so that individual students can select what is best for them and the piece. Students will be obliged to record the time spent on each project to gain an understanding of the costs of the piece, for business use.

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